The split manifold can be made to fit  Vauxhall, Peugeot, 8 valve Rover, Sunbeam, Ford X Flow, C.V.H, Pinto etc:  and any four cylinder with reasonably spaced inlet ports. The split Weber manifold is of cast alloy and is a basic twin "Y" branch design with a large capacity balance chamber joining the two main sections. This can be used to power a brake servo if needed.

The manifold is machined and gas flowed to standard carb and gasket faces and can accept either left or right hand carb mountings and is drilled and tapped to accept our linkage kit.

Carb mounting kit is availiable consisting of, Misab plates, rubbers, cups, studs and nuts


Price to suit Ford cross flow                                 Price on application

                      Pinto                                                   Price on application

                      Vauxhall Peugeot etc.                     Price on application  

Carb mount kit                                                        Price on application