Dave Brooks Engines is your one stop shop for specialist engine preparation, Rally Car, Race Car & Kit Car building.

Automobiles have been built and repaired from Clydesdale House since 1978. Expansion meant the need to find larger business premises and since 2019, Newcastle Road is the operating base. Blakelow is conveniently located for easy access to the M6, junction 16.

Dave Brooks Engines has been a family concern for many years, with great emphasis placed on providing a friendly, helpful and reliable service. Rallying being a tight-knit community, word of mouth referral has played a crucial role in the success of the business from its inception, right up to the present day. Nothing is more important to Dave Brooks Engines than its reputation, a fact borne out by an existing client base.

Over the years Dave Brooks Engines have secured a niche in the market as suppliers of specialist engines for racing, rallying and road use. The proprietor is Dave Brooks, who recently celebrated his forty-second year of trading. Back in the 1970’s Dave started his company and has gone from strength to strength as his reputation for quality engine and bolt on accessories has spread through the rally world.

The secret behind Dave’s success is the growing list of satisfied clients who will come and request a power plant for a particular use and to have it assembled ready for their use. Dave’s personal success starting out in International Super Kart racing and moving on to club rallying is testament to his expertise when attempting to obtain maximum performance whilst still maintaining reliability with his engine and vehicle builds.

So from preparation of competition cars to improving the performance of fast road cars, drivers can access an invaluable pool of knowledge, which has been built up. The list of engines is of course exhaustive but cover the classics from 105E specials in Formula 3 , Ford GTS, Lotus twin cam, Hart 420’s BDA, Cosworth (turbo and naturally aspirated), all the Austin Rover range, Jaguar, Peugeot, Renault, Mercedes and BMW 16V 4cyl. Dave Brooks Engines is able to offer full engineering services to the motor trade and public alike. Our facilities include dynamic balancing, rolling road, engine mapping, specialized car electrics, full machining capability as well as still catering for the more conventional car user with repairs and servicing.