K Series Engines

We have based our Rover “K” series engine work on producing a motor for sprints and hill climbing, to produce top end power up to 8000rpm, and to maintain a good spread of power and torque mostly for Westfield kit based cars.

Correct engine balancing is very important to eliminate vibration, this also reduces wear and increases power output. We dynamically balance all rotating parts individually. This means that each part can be check balanced and replaced separately should the need arise.

Below are listed some of the modifications we have made to engines built by us.

  • Gas flowed cylinder head with standard or large valves.
  • Pistons machined with deep valve pockets for performance cam timing.
  • Lightened flywheel retaining existing crank sensor pattern.
  • Latest specification Piper cams (developed for Caterham).
  • Custom made inlet manifold to take carbs or throttle body.
  • Standard injection can be modified with Luminition mappable unit.
  • Carbs with or without TPS for mapped ignition etc.
  • Throttle body injection with DTA ECU and system.
  • Custom build any pipework or bracket/fastener/body mods required by any of the above items

All our engines can be used with I.T.G. filters or a Kevlar Carbon Air box designed by us complete with internal filter. Custom made looms for ignition, injection or both combined. Competition plugs, ignition coils etc.

The Piper cam kits are complete with special caps and springs to cope with large amounts of lift using a duration angle developed around touring car cams for a wide spread of torque whilst still able to rev to 8000 plus. Higher revs and more power is achievable with no obvious sacrifice in bottom end torque. We also supply solid tappets to cope with high revs and reduce the valve height and allow a kinder spring rate than is normally possible

The crankshaft, con rods and pistons of the K series are well engineered and use very tight and precise tolerances. To enable us to dummy build these units we have designed and made a torque plate and bolt kit so that we can stress the cylinder block, to enable us to turn the crankshaft assembly without a cylinder head in place. This is extremely useful when measuring piston to cylinder head clearances for optimum squish clearance, crankshaft float and running clearances. The thrust oil feed needs to be modified if you intend to use a race or competition clutch cover, also the Rover system of grading main bearings is complicated and needs careful consideration when ordering spares.

If the power output needed exceeds 90 B.H.P. per litre and uses revs in excess of 8000 rpm then we would advise using stronger liners. This requires a small amount of machining to the cylinder block.

Dave Brooks Engines are able to supply complete motors or any parts needed for a home build. We can also provide a measuring and calibration service to help the home builder decide the best route to take in building, modifying and ordering spares. We also provide a rolling road service from basic car jetting right up to programming of injection systems, fault finding and troubleshooting. We stock and recommend Millers Competition oils for use in pre cat cars, latest cat cars and early leaded motors ( A series etc).

K Series Engines Price on application