Pinto 2 litre cylinder head

This cylinder head is based on a selected second hand injection cylinder head. These are carefully cleaned removing all traces of coke, oil and dirt. All old bearings are removed, threads are checked for depth and condition. Waterways are checked for cleanliness. We then pressure test to 70 P.S.I

The inlet port on an injection cylinder head is a lot higher than the standard cylinder head because of the shape required to site the injectors on a road car, so we clean out the bottom of the port with a die grinder to allow an alloy stuffer, designed in house, to blend in and locate without thin edges. The cylinder head is then drilled and tapped to accommodate two 1/4 U.N.C. Allen bolts to hold each stuffer.

We then locate the cylinder head to a jig and the valve guide holes and valve seats are machined at precise angles and locations.

The cylinder head is now jigged and the inlet port is drilled and bored in its new position and angle.

The inlet manifold stud holes are now filled in and re-drilled and tapped to 0.2″ further up the cylinder head. This enables the standard two litre inlet manifold gasket and manifold shape to fit the modified parts.

The combustion chambers are polished, balanced and blended into the new valve seats. The exhaust ports are gas flowed out to relieve restriction around the valve guide area and the top front area of the port at the head face. This process alone takes 24 man hours and is all done personally by Andrew Brooks, Dave’s son who has 25 years experience of all the machinery and process’s involved in our business

One 6×1 mm Thread is drilled and tapped on the exhaust side of each cam pillar to locate a splash shield for use with a cross drilled camshaft.

The cylinder head is finished off with bronze valve guides,1.75″in & 1.5″ex in forged stainless steel valves with single collet grooves, also bronze cam bearings. There is a choice of valve springs depending on cam choice

Each cylinder head is stamped so that it is easily recognizable in the future and can include customers own name.

The price for this service is based on an exchange head from the customer. £100 surcharge will be levied if no exchange head is available.

Price to this specification on application

We have now developed further modifications to this head which includes cast welding the combustion chamber and reshaping to further improve inlet flow. This mod also shortens the flame path and improves combustion and power.

Price to this extra specification on application